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I'm the proud owner of this blog and the 'hero' who's running from another adventure to the next one in different parts of the world! This blog is like me, with my good and bad habits. It's happy, funny, interesting, mystery, full of surprises, spontaneous but also very temperamental, sad, miserable, complicated and quiet.
Just like I am.
Besides all of that I would like to be a beautiful elf-lady with slender pointed ears, stunning long red hair with fine braids, beautiful elf clothes in different shades of green. In battle I would wear my armor with black leather-clothing and I would be a total badass fighter. Legolas would be my husband and .. well, girl can always dream right? :D

Sometimes it feel that I'm living in my own bubble, my own world. Where I am happy, I enjoy my life and treats what it bring to me with my friends though sometimes the life feel like another war after another against the world.
I love Middle-Earth, the world what Tolkien created, and I'm more than sure it really exist. The balance between my own reality, "real world" and my going to gigs-me is most of the times in pretty good shape. I am a creative and bohemian soul and if it could be possible to be a artist at home and I wouldn't need to go work, it would be pretty cool. But I love too much all my favorite bands and travelling so I have to be working my ass off, because there's so much things what I want to do and where I want to go!
There's always things which are not nice in life, there are bad times, but after all I'm pretty happy about my life. I also think every thing happen for a reason, so maybe all those bad things are meant to be - I should learn from them or then somebody just want make me extremely pissed off haha.
Well ... without further parley, welcome to my life! It's like endless roller coaster, full of high uphills and deep downhills  - lots of speed, dangerous situations and lots of surprises!
Usually this blog is pretty alive but when it's about icehockey, and now I mean those EC, WC or Olympics where Finland's team Lions are playing, it's pretty dead out here because I focus all my energy to encourage them to win! :P Otherwise, here we are.

Rest in Sleaze bitches,
Sinna Von Suicide

Name: Sinna Von Suicide
Nickname: Simba, Sinna
Real name: Sinna-Sonia K.
Age: In july I will turn to 24.
City: Helsinki.
Country: Finland.

Hair color: Bright red with black highlight
Eye color: Blue/green/brown
Skin color: Pale. Like a vampire!
Height: Something like 176-178cm
Motto/quote for life: "The world is not in your maps and books. It's out there."
- Gandalf
Favorite ... :
Fav food: Chicken soup
Fav drink: Water
Fav drink (alcohol): Watermelon Breezer = "red breezer"
Fav color: Black, but because is not a "real color" I will say red. Haha funny thing because as a child I hated red.
Fav book: The Lord Of The Rings
Fav actor: Ummm there's so many! But ... let's say ... Tom Hiddleston!
Fav movie: The Lord Of The Rings-trilogy.
Fav tv-series: Salatut Elämät :D
Fav music style: Horror'n'roll like Wednesday 13.
Fav band: Too many!
Fav song: Amoral - Mute
Fav clothing designer: Alexander McQueen
Fav shoe designer: Jeffrey Campbell, of course!
Fav clothing brand: Pretty many, I like more beautiful clothes than some certain labels. But if I have to say one ... well, Black Milk Clothing. Beautiful designs and good quality.
Fav shoe brand: Jeffrey Campbell
Fav piece of clothing: My red leopard-top from Queens Of Darkness
Fav pair of shoes: Jeffrey Campbell's - All Over Spiked Lita
Fav piece of accessories: SISTER-necklace by tralala design
Dream career: Fashion designer

Interested of ... :
General stuff: Well ... ahem ... I'm interested of many things! The main gasoline in my life is definitely music, gigs, friends, movies, Middle-Earth and so on. I like to have fun with my friends, go out for a party, sometimes I can be a hell of a party animal hehe. I love insanely much red-leopard print, pointed ears, Loki, Tumblr and everything else what I like. Rock'n'roll is playing fast and loud - just the way how I like it!

Who I would like to meet: I'm lucky, because I have had chances to see most of the people who I have ever wanted to meet. Though I would love to meet Piggy D. more often, he's such a sweetheart. I would love to meet my biggest idols, Jeffree Star and Marilyn Manson, but I really don't know what I would say to them. Thank you for saving my life, make me believe myself and make me the one who I am nowdays. Then I would faint or something.
My biggest goal at the moment is to meet some of the actors from LOTR-movies, I have waited those moments over 10 years. And Tom Hiddleston would super sexy ehm, I mean super nice to meet.

TV: I don't have a TV, luckily you can nowdays watch most of the tv-series from internet. I like to follow and watch every part of these series: Salatut Elämät, C.S.I., The Revenge, Sleepy Hollow, Pretty Little Liars and I also love to watch these "old" series like Sex and the City, Desperate Housewifes and Carrie's Diary.

Books: I mostly like to read fantasy-books like Tolkien's books and Narnia-saga. I don't like Harry Potter at all. I also like to read "real stories" like for example P.S. I Love You and I also like a lot of books written by Marian Keyes.
I also like some soft horror-books, vampires, werewolves and so on, but I don't like too 'deep' stuff.

Movies: What a surprise that I love LOTR-movies and The Hobbit-movies as well! Middle-Earth rules, woo-hoo!
I also like a lot of Underworld-movies, Thor-movies ( Lokiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! ), Van Helsing ... pretty much of the ones which are including some kind of fantasy, thriller, vampire, werewolves etc. I also like a lot of musical movies like Phantom of the Opera and Moulin Rouge. Tim Burton's movies are brilliant and I also like these "real life" movies like P.S. I Love You. I also dig some super funny movies like Mean Girls or White Chicks. So I like a lot of different kind of types!
But I don't like at all Harry Potter or some action movies like James Bond. Ewwhh.

Music: Music is my life, savior, and the way to live. If I would be a car, music would be my gasoline.
I like pretty dark music - rock, punk, metal, emo. I also like pretty many bands from different genres.
In my opinion Iron Maiden will be the worst band on Earth, now and forever.

Idols: I would say that my idols are Jeffree Star and Marilyn Manson. And everyone who love themselves as the way they are, who have courage to be themselves no matter what other people think of them.
It's all about attitude!

Hobbies: Music, gigs, designing and making clothes, reading, drawing, blogging, movies, drooling in Tumblr ehehehe.

Everyone of us have some dreams. Mine are: trip to New Zealand, meeting the cast of LOTR or The Hobbit ( I prefer both! ), having my own clothing label, chances to go to see my favorite bands, having flats in Helsinki and London -> moving to London, being skinny, being full tattooed, having long own red hair ( no extensions hehe ) aaaaand getting married with Loki.

Why I write a blog?
This is one of a kind diary for me. It's easier to write it here than to basic paper book because I can add photos and so. I try to keep some private and not show too much things of myself, I guess you know what I mean. But I hope I can still show 'enough' which would make this blog more me - my opinions, my outfits, my happiness, my sorrow ... like that.
I tell about stuff what I like, what I like to do, what I like to wear, what I love, what I hate, what I dislike.
When I'm an old lady I can read from here what cool adventures I had when I was younger!

Hopefully you enjoy my blog as much as I do! :)

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