torstai 14. marraskuuta 2013

Happy Wednesday the 13th!

Oh, I have about 10 mins time to write this before is toooooo late at my time zone. 13.11.2013 yay!
Today is one of the wednesday the 13th's which are of course the BEST wednesdays EVER. All about damn Wednesday 13!

This wednesday wasn't anyhow special, tho it could be but poor Simba couldn't make it as memorable as she wanted. Anyway, my last wednesday the 13th was a lot more than memorable, one of the best days ever!!
I was at London, my favorite town in the world. With my wifey, who mean a world to me. Watching the best bands ever, Sister and .... dändändääääään Wednesday 13!!! At wednesday the 13th in may 2013. Pretty damn nice balance of 1 and 3 haha!

He's such a big inspiration for me and such a nice person, sweetheart and a really funny guy! I was a bit scared to meet him at my first time in december 2011, because there's so much rumors about him how big asshole he is and blaablaa but I CAN'T agree with any of those rumors. For me/us he have always been so sweet and amazing that I can't say a bad thing of him. Except that, he though we don't feel the coldness 'cause we're from Finland. And when I first time saw him, I couldn't help it and I started to cry and he ask "Why you're crying?" "Be-be-because of you?" "... you're silly girl!". Ahaha gotta love him!
And damn how charismatic person/singer he is, one of the best in the whole damn world in my opinion. I love his horror'n'roll, it's so catchy and damn sexy. Also the way how he act for the fans : he do have those meet&greet-happenings before the show what cost but he always come out after the show, talk with fans, take photos, talk a bit more and so. Kind and loving person who really care about his fans. Can't say the same of many rock'n'roll stars at nowdays.
I have knew his bands for ages but have started to listen it more and more when I met my dear UK-wifey Kylie. So, can I blame her for making me this kind of insane Simba who lööövs Keskiviikko, right? ;P We also made a special dance for Calling All Corpses ... it's fabulous haha. I bet W13 would love it.

W13 and Simba at wednesday the 13th in London, march 2013.

Wow. Just love him too much. Hail to Wednesday 13!

Pssst ... damn, at my time zone it's already thursday the 14th. Haha damn. But there's plenty of countries where's still wednesday the 13th >: D Enjoy of it and play some Wednesday 13. LOUD.

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