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And if we should die tonight, then we should all die together. Raise a glass of wine for the last time.

* Sorry only in english, don't know why my dear finnish friends and followers, but these kind of things are easier to write in english for me. Don't worry, I will continue writing in both languages :) *

Finally some new photos of me which ones I like too. :)
I took it while I was in England and preparing for Sister-gig. I felt myself like a princess!

Have been having pretty bad times lately, since october, but I think I'm finally enough strong to continue living. Hard times, all I wanted to do was staying at home and sleep forever. I wish so bad all the things would solved just like that I don't need to do anything, but we all know it's not like that how these kind of things go.
Now I don't feel I need to fight everyday with life, no need to be angry, depressed, pissed off, down and afraid like I have been for so long.
It's so annoying, so abrasive. When there's coming shit from every door and the ones you can't even see, sometimes it's hard to think in positive way and stay strong. It's horrible, when there's so much things what you want to do, so much things you want to solve but in the end you don't have a fucking idea how to solve them or where to get power to do everything.
It's ok to be down, it's ok to have a deep chat with yourself about that what's going on, it's ok to show the other side of you - being weak, no one need to deal with that kind of things ... alone or with someone. I'm proud of myself that I did tell my friends that this is pure shitness haha but I'm also happy I didn't threw allt he shit on them too. Or at least I hope so, I don't want that anyone feel bad or sad because of me.

Some things are bigger and some smaller, it all depends of the person. Some things can make someone else happy or don't mean so much to them than to yourself. But it's ok too.
Don't rush, have your time to recover. Find your way to survive, find your way to enjoy living again. It's all worth of it. There's always a way to survive, no matter what's going on. Don't fear to ask help, don't fear to be unhappy. There's nothing bad to be yourself with your bad habits and times, I'm sure there's no one out who can be happy and positive 24/7. Bad days a part of life, it makes the good days feel so damn good!

Remember this my friends; no matter how deep your in your worst and deepest nightmares, there's always light in the end of tunnel. There's always friends who care about you and who wanna have crazy times with you!
Don't EVER doubt that and don't ever give in. Giving up is for losers but you're the one who survive, you're the hero of your own life! All up and downs :) "

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Photo is, like I wrote, from our recent trip to England. I like it a lot!

I have so much things to tell and show to you, I really feel that the messyness and blurryness in my head have finally go away, and I really look forward to 2014. This year have been the hardest for so far, though 13 haven't ever been bad luck's number for me. I excepted so much from this year but there's have been so much bad things that I can't wait to get rid of this year. Of course good and amazing ones too, but not at the same level. I will have my own post for 2013, so that's all from that now.

I start to write another stories and adventures now for you guys and planning all the good and nice things for next year :)
I also try to change the outfit of the blog as soon as possible. I just noticed that my description about myself is " ... 21-years-old young woman ... " hahaha and I'm 23 AT THE MOMENT. Oh boy!
And if there's anyone who's interested to do a new banner for me, I'm more than pleased to have some help with it! I'm so bad when it come to those things and coding -___- I do have PhotoScape but I don't know why I have lost all the nice fonts!

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